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For those that opt for an enjoyable and relaxing vacation then definitely a massage and sauna will be the right words to describe your kind of vacation.

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A massage to restore balance among the elements. A herbal sauna to cleanse and rejuvenate the body. A herbal pack to calm nerves and redirect the energy. All this may sound very much like a New Age thing in the West, but it has been part of daily life here for centuries.

Before the arrival of modern medicine, herbalists filled the dual role of doctor-pharmacist. Originally, village doctors were monks or former monks, since Buddhist temples were the centre of learning, not only of religion but of more worldly matters like astrology and medicine as well. 

Thai traditional medicine holds that the body has four elements: wind, water, earth and fire, and ill health results from an imbalance between them. To remedy an ailment, the village doctor would make a herbal pack for the patient to ingest, rub onto the skin, or add to a steam compress. Another major component of traditional medicine is energy. When the energy lines are blocked, the individual will become ill, physically or emotionally. A massage or sauna would be prescribed.

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