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Thai food has in recent years emerged as one of the world's favourite cuisines, but of course there is nowhere better to enjoy a Thai meal than in Thailand.


Thailand's rich culture heritage, its wealth of arts and crafts, and the unique ways of life have and still attracted visitors from all over the world.

A wealth of shopping opportunities awaits visitors, and bargains abound throughtout the country in traditional handicrafts, textiles, gems, jewellery and antiques, as well as more contemporary items.


Golf is one of the most popular sports in Thailand. The game arrived in the country a century ago and was quickly taken up by the elite and the fashionable.

Welcome to have a haven of relaxing and rejuvenating with the Thai philosophies of lifestyle and well-being. A dream vacaition that you will be spoiled in every, yet healthy way.

In 1999, international convention delegates in Thailand totalled 75,344 representing an increase of 14.57% over 1998. In 1998, Thailand hosted a total of 2,651 MICE events, including 1,771 international incentive groups, 803 international conventions and 77 international exhibitions.

Thailand has always been a popular destination and often the starting point for exploration of the rest of Southeast Asia, China and further points East. Thailand is served by a total of over 80 international airlines landing mainly in Bangkok, but also an increasing number of international flights arrive in Phuket, Chiang Mai and Hat Yai.